Metastatic Breast Cancer

The Metastatic Breast Cancer sub-site is designed to offer information to people who want to learn more about it as well as provide support to those living with metastatic breast cancer. There remains a lack of information and resources available for Canadians living with metastatic breast cancer. As a result, much of the information provided in this section stems from international sources. CBCN has identified metastatic breast cancer as a priority issue for us, and will be pursuing advocacy initiatives to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer and promote the development of more resources, information and support for Canadians afflicted by metastatic breast cancer.

Here, you will find links to resources and support services, as well as information and links to clinical trials directly targeted to individuals with metastatic breast cancer. If you have any suggestions for further resources or topics you would like to see covered here, please let us know by emailing  

Living Legacy 2015

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network is pleased to announce another year of our Living Legacy campaign to raise awareness about metastatic breast cancer. At least three Canadian women receive their first breast cancer diagnosis of locally advanced or metastatic disease every day. It is important for women living with this disease to feel connected to a network of people who are facing a similar journey.

This year we continue to honour Canadian women affected by metastatic breast cancer who are living their lives to the fullest each and every day! We asked 9 women from across Canada to share their personal stories and words of support and advice to others facing this disease. Hear from Mei-Lin, Susan, Cathy, Sharon, Susan, Sherry, Karen, Patricia and Nathalie as they share their Living Legacies.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Story-Telling Toolkit

In order to help you better tell your story of living with metastatic breast cancer, we developed a Story-Telling Toolkit. These materials have been prepared as a guide on how to share your experience living with metastatic breast cancer, detail the progress that has been made so far, and highlight living with this disease.

Inside, you will find the following documents for your reference:

  • Blog Writing Tips
  • How to Write a Letter to the Editor Guide
  • How to Write a Letter to MPs and MPPs Guide
  • Media Relations Preparedness Guide
  • How to Write a Media Pitch Note - Social Media Guidelines

Download the toolkit here.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

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