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Currently Canada lacks a national approach to cancer drug coverage. While each province and territory has its own independent system for providing cancer treatments, the eligibility requirements and nature of coverage varies greatly across provinces, territories, and other jurisdictions.

CBCN is dedicated to ensuring that Canadians affected by breast cancer have fair and equitable access to essential treatments, and we focus our advocacy efforts on two main areas of access and coverage:

  1. Equitable access to treatments across Canada:

CBCN is committed towards ensuring increased patient engagement in decision-making around drug coverage and access. We also strive to voice the concerns of breast cancer patients as they navigate Canadian pharmaceutical policies. As part of these efforts, CBCN actively promotes patient values and engagement in the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review and Common Drug Review process as well as in the provincial review processes. CBCN also connects directly with patients to direct them to critical resources and to build the capacity of patients to self-advocate.

  1. National pharmacare coverage

CBCN is also convening national dialogue around the concept of Canadian pharmacare, a system that would operate similarly to our “Medicare” program, providing individuals with affordable and accessible medications of all types. CBCN connects with leading experts, authorities, and key stakeholders to endorse a patient centric approach to the implementation of a national pharmacare system.



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