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Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer


Metastatic breast cancer is different from early stage breast cancer because you will be treated and monitored for breast cancer for the rest of your life. At present, there is no cure. The goal of treatment for metastatic breast cancer is to manage the disease by slowing the growth of the cancer cells and to prevent the disease from spreading further. Treatment for metastatic breast cancer also aims to help you manage the symptoms associated with the disease.

Everyone reacts to treatment differently.   For some people, certain treatments may work for long periods of time, or some may not work at all. It is common for your cancer to adapt to your treatment, even if it has been working well to control your cancer.  When one treatment stops working, you and your health care team will look at other treatment options. Fortunately there are new ones being developed all the time.

Know Your Type

Are you metastatic? Knowing your type can help you when discussing your diagnosis with your healthcare team to better understand your disease and ways to optimize treatment. Hear from women with mBC talk about their type and living with the disease and download fact sheets to better understand your type.

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