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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that test new drugs, therapies, and procedures. Clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer are a way of potentially gaining access to cutting-edge therapies. They can also be an opportunity to advance knowledge and treatments for the disease.  

During a clinical trial, you will always be treated with medicine, either a standard therapy or the therapy under study. You will not be able to choose which therapy you receive, and you may not know which therapy you are getting. Throughout the trial, a team of doctors and nurses will talk with you regularly about any discomfort or side effects that you experience and how you feel overall. They will also check for progression of the cancer.

Visit the website for a complete discussion about clinical trials.

For information on clinical trials that are recruiting participants:

Understanding more about clinical trials and how they work may help individuals with metastatic breast cancer decide if they are an option for them. Download a fact sheet on some basic information about clinical trials to help individuals be better prepared to discuss this option with their healthcare team.

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