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Our Voices is a place for breast cancer patients to share their experiences in their own words and to inspire others.  The best stories focus on one specific aspect of the cancer journey.  For example, you may want to talk about tips for dealing with cognitive difficulties that come from chemotherapy, or organizing a team of friends and family to support you during treatment.  The choice of topics is yours.  The length should be about one page.  Before you start writing, send a brief description of your story idea to us at, and we’ll give you some more specific writing guidelines.  The breast cancer community will look forward to reading your story!

Below are some patient stories featured on Our Voices to help you get started:

We Are All the Divine Feminine

By Quinn Obrigewitch

At the very core of my being, I radiate feminine essence. I grew to understand this through the loss of a physical trait that has been deeply rooted as a symbol of femininity and sexuality for so many centuries - my breasts. 

Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda and a TIP

By Ann Hill

If you’re going to be told you have breast cancer, you want to be able to say, “They caught it early.” With Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) - an aggressive, difficult to treat type of breast cancer - early detection is especially important.

Why Tamoxifen is a Pain in my Ass and Other Bodily Infractions

By Adriana Ermter

Two days ago, my lower back seized and then, seemingly stuck. Never have I ever had back problems. Yet, here I am frozen with body-gripping spasms. I can’t roll over in bed, stand up straight or even wipe my bum without yelping loudly.