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The Voice of People With Breast Cancer


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Recognizing CBCN’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraisers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and each year, we see a surge of individuals, companies, and organizations joining the conversation to raise awareness of breast cancer. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people and organizations participated in virtual events, used their social media to raise awareness, and donated to various breast cancer organizations.

Here at the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, we had individuals and companies reach out to express their interest in hosting events, giveaways, dedicating a percentage of their monthly sales, and more, all to help raise donations and funds for us to support the work that we  do. Donations made to CBCN support our main programs and help us develop new projects that are beneficial to Canadians affected by breast cancer and their families.

We would like to thank all those who reached out to us in October to raise funds. Below, we profile a few of these individuals and companies.

TheraBounce, Rebound Fitness and the Bounce Book

By Jennifer Evans

TheraBounce, Rebound Fitness, and the Bounce book joined forces for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and fundraised $315.00 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. TheraBounce is a Toronto based business that offers Rebound Therapy to children and adults with exceptional needs. Rebound Therapy makes use of a trampoline for therapeutic recreation, exercise, and activities for a wide variety of individuals with unique needs. 

Rebound Fitness has spent more than 20 years perfecting the design and manufacturing process of rebounders for use by professional therapists and in the home. Rebound Fitness is proud to offer 5 different rebounders to meet the needs of anyone and everyone!  

“The Bounce” is the definitive new guidebook to rebound exercise, written by two devoted practitioners committed to sharing its transformative qualities. This guidebook provides everything you need to know to successfully start, establish, and enjoy your own rebounding practice and the many benefits it can bring.

The commonality between these three businesses is the love for bouncing! Research has shown that bouncing on a rebound trampoline significantly increases lymphatic drainage up to 15-30 times! This is particularly relevant for breast cancer patients and survivors who often experience lymphedema, thus a perfect pairing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Learn more about these businesses:

Instagram: @TheraBounce
Visit website

Rebound Fitness
Instagram: @rebounduk
Visit website

The Bounce book
Instagram: @the_bounce_book 
Amazon link

Manmeet Gill

By Manmeet Gill

My name is Manmeet Gill and I am a grade 12 high school student. When I was 14 years old, I lost my aunt Kanwaljit to breast cancer. It was an extremely tough time for my family, and a huge change for us to adjust to. Every year for my aunt’s birthday, my family and I make a donation to a local cancer charity. However, this year for her 49th birthday, I decided to hold a charity event, to raise awareness, and help other families who have a loved one struggling from cancer. My family and I encourage everyone to donate and to be thankful for their friends and family. I would like to give a huge thank you to those who supported us with our event and to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network for raising awareness and helping those in need. 

Ten-4 apparel

By Justin Nagy

Ten-4 apparel is a Saskatchewan born clothing company geared around fighting the stigma surrounding mental health. Ten-4 apparel got its name because we understand that mental health for our emergency first responders is critical; "10-4" meaning to acknowledge.  While helping those who help us remains one of our top focuses, we were shocked by the statistics in Canada for mental health in general, so it quickly became a brand meant to help as many people as possible.

Taking a moment to reflect and ask ourselves who is affected by mental illness, the answer came pretty quickly. People of all ages, races, and walks of life are affected. Those that are going through other illnesses such as cancer, for example, are often struggling not only physically but mentally as well.

Mental health illness is not really talked about as much as it should be, it’s seen as "taboo". We want to change that by fighting the stigma and raising awareness where we can. We want to give back and partner with charitable organizations who do so much for the people and our communities. For the month of October, we chose to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, as we recognize that breast cancer can affect the mental health of a person and we have seen it first-hand within our family, too many times over.

We are in this together.

Learn more about Ten-4 apparel.

Lucia Taught Me

By Justine Veneracion

Growing up, I spent most summers with my grandparents. My grandmother, Lucia, taught me everything I needed to know about cooking. She didn't necessarily teach me recipes, but she taught me about things that matter, like taste, texture, patience, intention, and sharing with those you love. She always made me what I asked, even if it wasn't Filipino food and even if it meant going out of her way. Now that I'm older I find myself thinking about her and mindful cooking more often. Baking my cakes is my way of sharing the intention of kindness, goodwill and love with the community. Lucia Taught Me started as a way to raise money for charities supporting BIPOC voices and I will keep that intention for as long as this business thrives.

October, however, is very special to me as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom has breast cancer, so do my aunts and my cousins - this is why I chose CBCN as my charity of choice. My intention wasn't just to raise money, but to also bring more awareness to early detection and wellness resources surrounding breast cancer.

You can learn more about Lucia Taught Me on Instagram @luciataughtme

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash