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Fear of Recurrence

Once cancer treatment is finished, you may be relieved and pleased that your cancer is in remission, but you may also be afraid that your cancer will come back.  This is a common reaction among cancer patients.

It’s important to acknowledge your fears.  Trying to pretend they don’t exist just makes them worse.  Instead, try the following methods to reduce your anxiety:

  • Write your fears down in a journal.  Seeing them in black and white can make them seem more specific.  You’ll then be able to think of practical solutions to your particular fears.
  • Don’t worry alone.  Share your anxieties with a loved one.  He or she may help you put your difficulties in perspective.
  • Find a support group in your area for breast cancer patients/survivors.
  • Talk to your doctor about follow-up care.  Taking charge of your health in partnership with your doctor will help you feel more in control.
  • Find ways to reduce your overall stress levels. Take time to visit with friends, work in the garden, go for walks, meditate, or enjoy a funny book or movie.
  • Think of the positives.  Your cancer is in remission and you have a new lease on life.  Remember that each new day is a gift.

Through these techniques, over time, the fear may usually lessen. If it continues, and you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to your doctor about a referral for counselling.

The Canadian Cancer Society has a database that can be used to find local support services in your area. You can access it below:



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