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How to Appeal Decisions on Income Support

Every income support program (federal or provincial) has processes you can follow if you disagree with a decision or on the amount of benefit provided.  There are usually two steps that are taken:

  • A request for reconsideration; this usually must be made in writing after you receive the decision on your benefits; there may be a time limit to request the reconsideration; you will have to provide evidence that supports your request for reconsideration (e.g. additional medical information); the reconsideration is usually conducted internally by a manager or team that was not involved in the original assessment
  • An appeal or tribunal; this is an option that is provided if a reconsideration is completed but you still disagree with the decision and have evidence that disputes it;  an appeal is usually conducted in-person to a panel of independent reviewers; the appeals for EI Sickness Benefits and CPP-Disability are conducted through the Social Security Tribunal; it is strongly advised that you get legal assistance to help with this level of appeal; this can usually be found through your local Legal Aid or Legal Information Society



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