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Workers Compensation Benefit (WCB)

In Canada, every province /territory administers a Workers’ Compensation Benefit (WCB) program.  The federal government administers their own program – the Labour Program – for federal workers.  Each WCB program is focused on protecting employees from the financial hardships associated with workplace-related injuries or occupational diseases.

If you feel your breast cancer is related to a workplace-related injury or an occupational hazard, you are entitled to make a claim to the WCB program in your area.  It is important to consider the following in making the decision to apply:

  • There are few studies that link workplace injury or hazards to breast cancer;
  • A definitive cause is not required, but there must be some indication that there might be a link to the workplace environment (e.g. several other workers receive the same diagnosis around the same time);
  • You need to make your employer aware of your claim;
  • There are assessment protocols in place in some WCB programs for claims that involve certain cancers/occupations (e.g. mesothelioma in workers exposed to asbestos) but none for claimants with breast cancer;
  • A claim for cancer as a work-related injury can take a long time to process and you may have to undergo additional medical examinations or test requested by the WCB; you may wait many months before a decision is made on your claim;
  • If you are approved and receive WCB payments, it could make you ineligible for other income programs.

To find out more information, contact the WCB Program in your region.



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