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Travel for Leisure

You may decide to go on a holiday vacation to get away, or you may have had a holiday booked prior to your diagnosis.  It is important to first speak with your oncologist to determine if it is safe and appropriate for you to travel.   Once all potential risks have been considered, factor these in to your plans.  If staying at a resort, see if there is an on-call physician.  If excursions are planned like hiking or snorkeling, are there changes or modifications you need to make to these plans?  Also, look at your options for travel insurance.  No matter where you are travelling, even within Canada, you should consider taking out travel insurance for emergencies.  You may have out-of-country travel insurance as part of your employee benefits package or you may need to take some out on your own.  If you are taking out a new policy, be honest and up front about your cancer.  If you are not, you run the risk of a claim being denied later.  It is also extremely important to complete the application in full – double check that everything is checked off or filled in.

The Government of Canada has a very useful fact sheet and video about travel insurance.  You can find it here



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